“For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble.
You surround me with songs of victory.”
Psalm 32:7

In my youth I was in love with David, the young shepherd who slew Goliath, the much-feared giant warrior. I imagined David’s face through: Michelangelo’s famous sculpture David; the Scriptures’ description of him; and God’s words, “a man after my own heart.”

David was gifted with talents galore: he played musical instruments, composed music, wrote poetry, and if he were born in this era, he’d be a prolific blogger. He penned hundreds of emotions-filled psalms, and yet, he was also a daring warrior.

As an artist at a time of colossal crimes, he was impulsive. As a warrior amidst epic bloodbath, he was calculating. He was what we call today a right and left brainer—a rare combination. And both sides of his brain loved God!

David taught me that, despite the turmoil in a turbulent word, I can rush toward a place of glorious well-being, where I can develop pure trust in a sovereign Lord.

Is it any wonder why a Sunday School kid would fall in love (and identify) with David?

Thank You for the big lessons from David’s life, Lord. Amen.

This excerpt is taken from Grace@Work written by Grace D. Chong and published by OMF Literature Inc. To get the full devotional in print or digital format, please visit any OMF Lit and Passages Bookshop or go to www.passages.com.ph.