“The trumpeters and singers performed together in unison to praise and give thanks to the Lord. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals, and other instruments, they raised their voices and praised the Lord with these words: “He is good! His faithful love endures forever!” At that moment a thick cloud filled the Temple of the Lord. The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.”
2 Chronicles 5:13-14

What are instruments of God?

This account of the dedication of the temple during the time of Solomon was a very clear expression of what is really in the heart of God when it comes to praise and worship. We could see in this event that God is not so concerned with a flawless program that we present before the people just for the sake of it, but He is very concerned about coming before him with a common goal: a singleness of heart to worship and exalt his name. The only thing that connects us to God is FAITH. Without it, it is impossible to please Him (Heb.11:6). And so, if our singing or playing instruments, or whatever outward actions we do is not done by faith, it is nothing to God.

We can clearly see that these trumpeters, singers and musicians stood together as one man, to make one sound in praising and thanking God. The shekinah glory of God came down. God did not wait for the priest to stand to minister, but He was so pleased, so delighted when praise and worship goes up that He interrupted the program. He filled the house with His utter magnificent glory!

If people get to the point of focusing on God and Him alone, giving all their hearts to Christ, worshipping Him, allowing Him to sit on His throne in every person’s heart, He can’t help but intervene and manifest His glory. As a result, lives will be changed and Christ will be formed in the hearts of men, with a deeper desire to know Him and to follow His commands grounded on love for Him.

We are God’s instruments designed to give Him the praise and glory He alone deserves through our lives. More than the stringed instruments, the music, the events, and the crowd, God is actually looking for the instruments of our hearts, whether the stature of our hearts are in tune with His heart and that we are worshiping Him in accordance to His ways.

Meditate on John 4:24:

“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

Prayer for today:

Lord, in utmost surrender, I give my life to you, all facets of it. May your glorious presence cover and surround my whole being as I do this. Stretch my faith, reign in my heart, interrupt the programs I have set in place and show me, show me that I am nothing apart from you. This is my worship.


Writer’s Bio:  
Mike Yap is first and foremost a slave of the Lord Jesus—redeemed as a wretched sinner by grace—and called as a wordsmith, speaker, visionary, and creativist for His Church.   You may follow more of his blog at http://thetub-thumper.blogspot.com