“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,
for he who promised is faithful.”
Hebrews 10:23

Integrity. Certain dictionaries define it as: uprightness of character; the state of being unimpaired; the quality or condition of being whole and undivided, and lastly, completeness. The world defines it as someone who demonstrates consistency and faithfulness in their lives. Most of us may agree on one point or another as we take the notion of it can describe the following things: someone who can be trusted and relied on, someone who is steadfast; one who cannot compromise; one who stands for truth; a person who walks their talk; and lastly, a name of a person whose life is an example of it.

The world gives high regard to people who have it. Admiration and respect is given as it is lived out through the test of time. And what is it that qualifies us to receive it if we want to have it?

Integrity does not come from the world. You cannot expect it to be earned by mere human experiences alone. Even intelligent minds combined with strong willpower can sustain for a short while but it will not last. They like it but the world doesn’t know where integrity comes from.

Therefore, this gives us as believers the opportunity to show and demonstrate to the world what integrity is all about and where can they find it. That integrity and the nature of it only comes from God.

His Word is the greatest proof of His integrity. Your experiences with Him will give such validity to that. Having a revelation that God has never shifted (not even a thought) in accomplishing His plans for the mankind since the foundation of the world, you’ll see that He’s always demonstrating it (even at this very moment). That He’s so innocent to find him guilty of not fulfilling it. We sometimes fail to appreciate it.

The goal is not to distance ourselves from God nor look down on ourselves but to learn and yearn Him more through His Word and yielding to His Spirit. Only from that intimacy we can understand who God is to us and who we are in Him. Such response is easily translated into our everyday lives.

We can live holy because God is holy. We can now be faithful because He’s faithful. We can be consistent because He’s consistent. We can be a person of integrity because the God we serve has an integrity that’s beyond doubt. As He is, so are we in this world. And that’s the hope that we confess and cherish. We do not strive to do it. That’s who we are.

We begin to have the right motivation to do what we are supposed to do in our family, friends, classmates, and workmates. That we can respond rightly in our houses, offices, school, society and our country. It doesn’t happen overnight but you can start now. And that can create a legacy for the next generations.

Let the people know what you believe. Let the people know what you stand for. Let the people know what you can do. Integrity is our outward manifestation of holiness.

Written By: Aaron Paul Teodosio