“It is finished” is a powerful ballad that serves as a gateway towards the classic worship music wonderland. The crescendo-building track matches the intense lyrical narrative of how God’s death in the cross saved our lives. No matter how many sins we have committed and no matter how heavy our burdens were, they will all vanish because of the sacrifice God made for us as there are countless wonderful things God’s resurrection has done to our lives.

GATEWAY is a collective born from Gateway Church in Texas and over the years, they provided the church’s worship soundtrack by creating hits such as  “Oh The Blood,” “The More I Seek You,” “Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King,” “You, You Are God,” “Revelation Song,” “Grace That Won’t Let Go” and many others. Now in their latest album “Monuments”, this song is the unified effort of various artists and featured singer Matt Birkenfeld to pour out their hearts to the Lord like never before.

Suffering is finished but the grateful worship in this track never ends.