I am Noel Eric Gill from Pakistan.  I was born and raised in a Christian family but I never really had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until a personal encounter I had back in college.

Like me, many young students have to face so many challenges while studying in government schools. Some teachers forcefully ask their Christian students to take part in soccer team regardless whether they want to or not, their reason for this is to prevent Christian students from concentrating on their studies thereby not being able to hold a position in their class.

At the age of 18, while in College, I liked to play Cricket regularly. One day we had a match against a Muslim team and I was the batsman. During the match, a fight started and the bowler hit my head with a bat. I fell on the ground and saliva started coming out of my mouth. I became unconscious. There was a mosque nearby, someone rushed towards it, brought some water and put some water in my mouth. Somebody rushed me to the hospital where they immediately started treatment. My eyes were deep red due to blood. When I regained consciousness the next day, I was full of anger and wanted to hit the guy back but my dad forgave him. He reminded me that vengeance is not the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Next day, the Pastor / Chaplain of the hospital where I was admitted came to see me.  He told me that there was another guy admitted a couple of days before me with the same case and he died. He then explained to me that Jesus is the Perfect Healer and He is able to heal me.

He shared the process of Salvation with me and asked me if I would confess for my sins and believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, he can pray for me. I was touched by the Word of God which he shared with me and I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior while I was in the hospital. I was discharged from the hospital a few days later.  God healed me! From that day I have become His son and have been spreading His good news to other kids through my Sunday school service. I am now Pastor in-charge of a church in Sahiwal, Pakistan.

Pakistan is an Islamic republic and Christians have to face so many discriminations and persecution. The discrimination then is still the same today, and I pray that the Lord continue to give us the strength and protection to continue the work He has given us to do in our place.