Christian rock band Unspoken was formed – of all places – in the Dominican Republic, when guitarist Mike Gome met vocalist Chad Mattson while on a missionary trip. The duo soon called other people to join them, and in 2012 the band released their debut single “Who You Are” under the Centricity label. After two album releases, Unspoken came back in June 2018 with the single  Just Give Me Jesus, which is also the title track of their latest EP.

In this performance-driven, workaholic culture of ours, Just Give Me Jesus is a great reminder of what really matters in life. We strive to find fulfilment, joy, and meaning in the things of this world – our careers, cars, houses, even human relationships – but they all fall short of our deepest desire. Jesus fills the void we keep trying to fill with temporary and temporal objects. And yet time and again we fall back into the patterns of acquiring, chasing, and striving after the things that do not last.

Unspoken has put into words and music the cry of every Christian that suddenly finds himself  back in the rat race – Just Give Me Jesus

All of my searching, trying to be perfect

All the fears, all the lies I believed in

All I’ve been chasing, putting my faith in

Let it fade, let it fall into pieces

And just give me Jesus