Kari Jobe shares the story behind her latest single, “Let Your Glory Fall” from the album “Garden”:

So we were out on the Outcry tour and I had dream one night about it raining in this old church. It was ornate, gorgeous and very intricate with lots of details. There were pews and it was raining inside this church on all these people and on the floor was like 2-3 inches of moving water like as if you were standing on the shore of an ocean and water is coming up washing on your feet. It was like that in the church but it was pure and clean water. I remember just waking up thinking, what was that? That felt very significant. And later that day, Martin Smith was talking on tour about dreams. I shared this dream that I had had the night before because I just felt like it was so significant and in the corporate setting of everybody we all felt the presence of God come in the room. And I remember feeling like I realized what is was. It was God just revealing and reminding us what his dream is for his church. He says in his word He wants to come back for a pure and spotless bride. It’s just a prayer for the glory of God to come and be an invitation for the Lord to come to do what he wants in our churches and in our hearts. – Kari Jobe

Watch this video as Kari pours her heart out. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw12YOtaeNI&feature=youtu.be