“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace,
that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need
Hebrews 4:16 (ESV)

Before entering into a relationship with God, we first learned that He is personal. This is the very basis of all our coming, of drawing near to Him, of praying. We pray because we believe that God is not an unknowable Being “up there”, but Someone who came down to show His love and reconcile a fallen mankind back to Him. But there is more to God than just being personal. He is, among many other things, infinitely loving, generous, and omniscient. He is mighty to deliver His promises and able to do “exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine”. When we correctly understand these attributes of God, we would not only to come to Him—we would be undaunted, audacious, daring.

A story is told about one of Alexander the Great’s generals whose daughter was getting married. Alexander said he knew it would be expensive, so he’d be happy to contribute to the wedding. The general only needed to ask.

The general then wrote out a request for an immense sum that bordered on scandalous. When Alexander’s treasurer saw it, he brought it to Alexander and said, “I’m sure you’re going to cut this man’s head off for what he’s done. The audacity of asking for this much! Who does he think you are?”

Alexander said, “Give it to him. By such an outlandish request, he shows that he believes that I am both rich and generous.”

So it is with God. Who do we think He is? When His children come to Him with confidence that is anchored upon His grace, God is pleased. He desires that we approach Him with the knowledge of who He is and how dearly Christ paid for the privilege of communion with Him. And when we commune with Him, we do not carry the weight of our sins and trespasses for Christ has cleansed us, purified us, and He has washed us white as snow. We can go to God and bare our hearts out to Him, for His glory and Kingdom.

John Newton wrote a beautiful hymn that captures this truth:

“Thou art coming to a king; large petitions with thee bring; for his grace and power are such, none can never ask too much.”

When He sees His children take up arms to see His kingdom come in their prayers that are intimate with Hisdesires and His will and His design, prepare to see this great God move mightily.