The Nevada-based worship band, I AM THEY, is so thrilled to share the latest release of their second album, Trial & Triumph.This album is themed with the idea of suffering and victory, stitching up an album repeat-worthy. One of Trial and Triumph’s tracks is a song called “My Feet Are On The Rock.” An upbeat song, matched with lively picks of drums and guitar—almost sounding like country music—I AM THEY kicked it off as they had the song’s pre-release that instantly become an ear candy to the listeners.

The song illustrates God’s faithfulness and his consistency in keeping His promises. I AM THEY offers music that could build up confidence in the name of Jesus. Circumstances may come and would easily go, for you know fear and doubts cannot stay if a love so great loves you deeply.  When everything seems to go down, where you are standing might be wobbly but you can bravely say, “I will not be moved for my feet are on the Rock.”

“I remember talking to my dad and he brought up that scripture where when the wind blew and the storm came, we were planted on a rock. Then as we started unpacking that I think it started impacting more of our story and the idea of Trial & Triumph, our record. The trials we’ve been through, the winds that come, the storms that come, and the rain that falls. But also this idea of triumph that’s driving the song. My favorite line of the song is “I’ll be dancing in the rain.” There’s such triumph in that to say “I can feel all of the weather, I can feel the storms of life, but I’m gonna actually rise above that. I’ll be dancing in the rain and my feet are on the rock.” – Matthew Hein