3 New Christian Worship Songs

What are some new Christian worship songs?

  1. Jireh – Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music (feat. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine)
  2. Good God Almighty – Crowder
  3. House of the Lord – Phil Wickham

Why do we have worship songs for the Lord? It’s simple — the Lord is the King of Kings who deserves all the glory and praise. Through music, we worship the name of the Lord. Just as Psalm 105:1-2 commanded, “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts”. When you listen to worship songs, you are also reminded of God’s love and promise. In this article, we listed down 3 new Christian worship songs!

We know that finding popular worship songs in the Philippines is not always easy. This is why we compiled this list of new Christian worship songs this 2021. Use this guide as a song resource for your church worship and praise sessions. Share these with your worship leaders and let the Holy Spirit reside in your heart as you praise the Lord.

Below we feature praise and worship artists like Passion, Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, Kari Jobe, Cody Karnes, and more. Read on!

Jireh – Elevation Worship, Maverick City (feat. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine)

Contemporary worship music bands Elevation Worship and Maverick City collaborated and released the song “Jireh” as part of their album titled “Old Church Basement”.

Jehovah Jireh translates as “the Lord is Provider in Hebrew. With lyrics like “You are Jireh, You are enough Jireh, You are enough. And I will be content in every circumstance”, the song Jireh reminds us that in every circumstance, we have the Lord’s presence and provision, and that is enough.

Another hard-striking lyric of Jireh is “If He dresses the lilies with beauty and splendor, how much more will He clothe you? If He watched over every sparrow? How much more does He love you?”. This is directly related to the verse Matthew 6:25-34 where God reminds us never to worry about life. God clothes the grass of the field. God feeds the birds of the air. You are worth more than all of these and He loves so much that He gave His only begotten son.

You may be in that stage in life of abundance and joy, in a stage of grief and trial where your faith is being tested, or somewhere in between. Wherever you may be, remember that God loves you and you can trust Him to provide for your needs.

Good God Almighty – Crowder

Good God Almighty is a track by contemporary Christian singer Crowder that is part of the album titled “Milk & Honey”. This song was written during the prevailing COVID-19, where many people have faltering faith and tend to doubt God’s plans because of the difficult moments.

You are not alone if you have ever felt afraid of what the future holds, especially during times of crisis. But, keep in mind that no matter what struggle you are going through, God is still good and Almighty. The song Good God Almighty is a declaration of this truth.

With lyrics like “I get amnesia, I forget that You keep coming around. Yeah, ain’t no way You’ll ever let me down”, the track is an eye-opener that many people tend to forget His goodness and doubt His presence. Instead of questioning Him, keep praising His name.

In an era overridden by anxiety and fear, the lyrics “Like sun in the morning, I know You’re gonna be there every day. So what on earth could make me be afraid?” is a reminder that God is every present. Be inspired by the verse Deuteronomy 31:6 which tells you that the Lord is with you and He will never forsake you.

House of the Lord – Phil Wickham

House of the Lord - Phil Wickham

The House of the Lord is an inspiring song by Phil Wickham that’s popular among churches across the world today. For good reason, this anthem reminds Christians of some of the best reasons to praise God.

The song tells us about how God parted the raging sea, God healed the sick, God rose from the grave, and God rolled the stones away. Because of Him, we are redeemed by grace. All these are reasons to rejoice in His name and fill our hearts with gratefulness. Truly, there is joy in the House of the Lord.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we rounded up three of the best new Christian worship songs this 2021! Tune in to the best Christian radio station in the Philippines — SAVED Radio to catch these praise and worship tracks! Click here to start listening now.