Released just last year, Not Today is a powerful song from the popular Christian band, Hillsong UNITED. This song was released on June 9, 2017, as part of a 12-song album called Wonder. The song was composed by Joel Houston and Matthew Crocker and sang by Taya Smith.

The song is a great expression of overcoming the struggles and troubles we face in our lives. It starts off with an acknowledgment that those things exist, almost like a confession. But then it shows a strength in saying that the fear will not overwhelm you in spite of all these tragedies. It then begins to build up to declare that it is God’s love that keeps us going.

It perfectly encapsulates the declaration against satan to say not today. This powerful statement lets satan know that he has no power over us and that in the end we still have the victory through Christ.

The chorus just shows that continued declaration to fight against the struggles and troubles in our lives and that we will praise His name and nothing can win against the name of Jesus. The song’s beat and rhythm along with its great melody further make you feel the strength and power of Jesus’ name.

Indeed, not today, satan, not today because Jesus is here to stay.