The last track in For King & Country’s album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. comes as a surprise as this song is quite different from the rest of the album.

Musically, it starts off with a simplistic melody of a piano, gradually joined by string instruments, and then jolted by a grand organ accompaniment that makes one feel like they were in one of those old churches. But considering the weight of the message, and the plea of it’s words, you would appreciate this crescendo.

Music reviews say it’s the perfect ending to the band’s album – sort of an altar call, so to speak. It’s a song of surrender that brings to light how we all somehow find ourselves trying to get by without God – yes, even believers. It’s a song that finds us going back to a place where we humbly come before God, asking for His forgiveness.

The band couldn’t have ended their album any better than this.