What is “an old church choir” anyway and why was Zach Williams led to write a song about this? The lyrics say:

There’s a revival and it’s spreading
Like a wildfire in my heart
A Sunday morning hallelujah
And It’s lasting all week long
Can you hear it? Can you feel it?
It’s the rhythm of a Gospel song
Once you choose it, you can’t lose it.

The song of the Gospel  is the one that’s placed in the heart of a believer to live a life of worship to God – not just at church on Sundays, but throughout the rest of the week. It’s a song that one brings with them, overflowing from their hearts to their thoughts, words and works.

It’s a song that reminds us to not be just Sunday Christians, but to be one regardless of when, where, with whom and why.


“Old Church Choir” is the second track in Zach Williams’ album, Chainbreaker.