LIVING IN PRAISE: SAVED Commune at the Kanto Restaurant

A life that is well-lived always needs a purpose behind it. For many people, that purpose seems to be elusive or at times missing. Particularly for Christians, living life seems to be troubling and confounding especially when they are not sure of what God’s plan has to do with them.


This was the main thought behind the second SAVED Commune where participants from different fields and various churches came together to enjoy an evening of fellowship to just talk about matters of life, most especially, the purpose behind a life that is well-lived.


The guest speaker, Toby Huyssen of Gloryfall band, shared on his first-hand experience of how he discovered his God-given purpose even amid shaky circumstances in his life. He recounts discovering that as he was striving for the answer to all of these questions, it was apparent that God had already brought him to a place of purpose. The realization came upon him that his life was meant to give praise to God and being a musician and missionary, it was clear that his calling was to be oriented towards the art of music-making and song-writing.


What followed was a great dialogue on how Christians can discover their own purpose by meditating on what God has allowed to transpire in their lives. The time spent on sharing experiences with others provided clarity to everyone in the room. The chief goal was always to be living in praise to Jesus and how that would look like to each one was different. Every person had a unique role given by God.

The SAVED Commune was concluded with the participants being given a glimpse of the advocacy behind the SAVED ministry. The H.Y.M.N advocacy stands for Humanitarian, Youth, Music, and Nation. The SAVED Team and its Ambassadors strive to accomplish each field in the country in the hopes of bringing transformation that is only possible through Christ, that is the main purpose for the ministry. The participants also realized that there are certain callings for each Christian and when the opportunity arises to work together happens, God can and will bring much out of it for His glory and unfolding purpose.