Truth is absolute and constant. By this, everything else is error – a constant reasoning that circles around a fixed point, never making its way to the center. Until light is shed to reveal this Truth.

Have you ever been asked a difficult question about your faith? Let Scripture be your light, let Truth be your answer.

While many lives are being added to the Church each day, it is still a sad reality that not many Christians share their faith. Be it out of fear, or perhaps the lack of knowledge on how to answer questions, there is no reason to neglect the Great Commission. This SAVED Commune will be a day of equipping believers on how to share and defend their faith in a world of competing world views. It is our desire that Christians learn how to share and defend the faith in a God-glorifying manner, and to create the value of being intellectually involved with their faith.

On behalf of SAVED Commune, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this event last June 24, 2017! We hope that this has helped encourage you to dig deeper in God’s Word and learn how to defend our faith! #Apologetics