There are times when find yourself trying searching for answers to remove the doubts you have in life.  Most often, we overlook the fact that the what we’ve been looking for has been with us all along.   Open your soul to him and witness how God’s love is always with us and that’s exactly what Vertical Worship marvels on their latest single “Real Thing”.

“Real Thing” is a just glimpse of what’s in store in the album “Bright Faith Bold Future” by Vertical Worship that will be released on April 6 this year. The music collective from Chicago has been taking worship on a different level as they collaborated with worship leader Sean Curran to perform the first track released off of their album. With a powerful chorus that issues a firm declaration of the unconditional nature of His love, they bring us to a new perspective in order to see things that were once made invisible in our eyes and believe on it with all our heart. Really, life is full of distractions that keep on tempting people to ignore His presence and love for us. Forget the distractors and let us now embrace His love. Let us now embrace the Real Thing.