3 Reasons To Listen To Christian Music

What are the reasons to listen to Christian music?

  1. Promotes and Strengthens Our Faith
  2. Uplifts and Renews Our Mind, Body, and Soul
  3. Helps You Connect With Others

Music is an art form that has been deeply integrated into the human experience for centuries. It is a tool that has kept people of all cultures connected throughout history. Making music has allowed man to communicate his experiences, beliefs, and emotions when words have failed him. Music is used to tell a story, and this facet is something commonly seen in gospel songs. Listening to Christian music is not only a way to express ourselves in our journey with God but also an integral part of our relationship with Him.

Promotes and Strengthens Our Faith

Promotes and Strengthens Our Faith

The power of Christian music lies in its ability to promote and strengthen our faith. Music trains us in the act of remembering God’s place in our lives and all that He has done, His love, and promises to His people. Music is used several times in the books, particularly in Psalms, to tell us stories of His Grace, which has many songs that describe God’s goodness, mercies, and hope even in trials.

The passage Psalm 105:2 reads “Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell all of His wonderful acts.” Through music, we are able to reinforce our faith, inspire that same faith in others, and create lyrics that speak of love, hope, and devotion.

Through these words, we are able to nurture our spirituality. This is essential in growing our faith as Christians. Most Christian music is a personal testament of the influence of God on the lives of other believers, which can help their listeners grow their faith through learning from the writer’s experiences.

Renews and Uplifts our Mind, Body, and Soul

Martin Luther once said that “beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul,” in discussing the effects of using music to spread the gospel. Most Christian music uses slow, peaceful melodies which help alleviate both physical and mental weariness. The gentle melodies of this music genre can calm your restless body and mind, and allow you to let go of the worries and pressure you may be holding within yourself.

For those in need of inspiration, guidance, or even just some positivity, consider turning to Christian music. Many people have talked about how listening to this genre can help them find their spiritual places in this life. If you’re ever unsure of your next step or what you were meant to do, listening to Christian music can help guide you to that answer. A recurring theme in several Christian songs is that they remind you of your significance as one of God’s children and that everyone is part of His plan.

God works through His children to provide us with help when we need it the most, which sometimes is found through music, and He uses these songs to remind us of His love, and how we all have a place in this world as part of His plan. He can use this music to bring us to our knees and reflect on our lives, while also reminding us how to move forward in life.

Helps You Connect With Others

Helps You Connect With Others

All kinds of music serve a specific role throughout history, which is to share thoughts and ideas and connect like-minded people. Music connects two people on a level that almost nothing else can compare to, which is why mankind has used it to spread the gospel for centuries.

There is an inherent divine and spiritual power to music. This takes on a whole new level when used to embody God’s will in our community. When taking part in congregational singing, the believer can engage and unite with the people around him. While this practice is amplified in the church, smaller communities can also be done at home.

What’s important is, when coming together to listen and even sing along to these songs, they build a sense of unity and understand the story nestled within that gospel song. When people come together and take part in this act, their hearts and bodies embark on a spiritual journey together.

Songs are a way for one believer to create a link to another through compassion and empathy. When this link is created, we come together as a community to uplift each other in tough times. At the same time, we share in each other’s blessings.

This reflects a passage in John 17:20-26, which reads “I have given them the glory that You gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them and You in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” This passage was spoken by Jesus Himself when he looked up to his Father in Heaven and prayed in hope that their people could become one with one another.

Key Takeaway

For many people, music can move and awaken something great in them. This search for inspiration is one of the reasons to listen to Christian music.

Beyond celebrating the stories of salvation and faith, Christian music is something that can bring positive changes to your mental, physical and emotional state. Christian music is also a great way to find new connections within your community and help guide you on your journey through life. Tune in and listen to SAVED Radio today and try listening to music that can make an impact on your life.