Sarah Reeves is back with a battle cry song for all the brave warriors fighting demons with their strong faith to God as their one powerful weapon. Accompanied by an upbeat tune, “Right Where You Want Me” stirs the intense passion within everyone’s heart to overcome battles alongside Him. Sarah’s songs are the reflection of her faith and passion as she has always been a visionary of bringing life to those who are spiritually dead and drawing people towards a deeper and intimate relationship with God. She emphasized, “We as Christians have lost the awareness of the power of God. We have put Him in a box and have forgotten how big and awesome He truly is. My mission is to be a vessel for Him and remind every heart that He is the God of the impossible.”

“Right Where You Want Me” was released in January 2018 becoming the song her latest pop and EDM anthem. Throughout the decade of her music career, she constantly shows how her undying devotion illuminates in all the songs she had written since her debut way back in 2009 with her chart-topping song “Sweet Sweet Sound”, followed up by an EP in 2010 (God of the Impossible) afterwards consecutively released a full-length indie album in 2011 (Broken Things) and recently returned in 2017 to start off a series of new sound with her comeback song “Nowhere”.

There is no doubt Sarah has been fulfilling her missions in life as a dedicated worship leader, a talented songwriter and a passionate artist for waking up the strong devotions in the listeners’ soul. So to all the brave hearts out there, here’s your battle cry.