The progress of the world is constantly growing faster, thereby increasing human needs…. Or should I say human wants?

Many people fall into a trap common to this generation we call DEBT. We have set our minds on buying things we cannot afford, enjoy life with the luxury that we can’t have, or maybe chasing after the American Dream. At the end of each day, after getting all that we have wanted we still feel empty or maybe asking for more. Whatever it may be -either fashion, lifestyle, or the latest fads – we are all drawn into this because we’re attracted to it. I’m not saying that these are wrong but if we get what we want yet succumb our energy and money much more than what we have, we might end up (or maybe already) in serious trouble. How then could we escape this common trap that most of us fall into?

The Bible says, in 1 Timothy 6:6-8

“But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.”

Recognize your problem.

A lot of us tend to avoid the topic whenever we talk about debt. The problem is that deep within our hearts we long for more of what the TV ads and magazines offers us. We want to be “in” and not an outcast of our society. We want the latest fads to keep ourselves up to date at the cost of our daily living allowance.

The question is, is that what you really wanted? We live up to the world’s expectations and standards, not God’s. The only debt that God allows is the debt of love. A debt problem is not a problem with money but a problem of the heart. We need to repent and surrender our desires wholeheartedly to Jesus and make Him the Lord of our wallets and pockets. Debt leads to frustration, frustration leads to anger, anger leads you to more sin. God demands godliness – that you reflect His glory, His beauty and His likeness. That alone stands true satisfaction that we behold His goodness in our lives. Jesus said that no one can serve two masters at the same time in the context of the love of money. The primary alternative in the throne in our hearts against Christ is our money.

Contentment is the means of escape.

Food and clothing are staple needs. What we do is we buy clothes from most expensive brands or even our coffee with the green logo. Again, these aren’t bad, but doing this every week is. And you know that your wages is not sufficient to have the luxury of buying these. Debt begins when we overspend beyond our earning capacity. I remember my pastor once said, “Prosperity is if you have 1 cent more than what you have needed and lack is if you lack 1 cent for your need.” We need to appreciate every detail of what God has given us. The moment we started to be content, we can easily break into the pattern of overspending beyond our means, which could help us to be free from debt. Spending is not bad, but overspending beyond your budget is. It shows our way on how we take care of God’s riches as stewards.

How about you? In what ways can you start stitching your pocket hole? Debt gives us headaches. Having the feeling that we are working from paycheck to paycheck. Running around in circles as a trap. We need the grace of our Lord Christ for us to be free from debt or even financial constraints. His word is full of instructions about money that can help us to be better stewards of His riches for His own glory.

Writer: Darwin B. Cruz is a servant of Christ. Passionate Preacher. Disciple Maker. Loves to write. Tech savy guy. Consistently integrating biblical values into Mathematics Education.