Many times, we feel like crawling under the bed covers and cry ourselves till we are empty of the pain we feel. Or there are times when we cry, not able to contain the emotions and joy running through us.   In both cases, we feel the need to wipe the tears as soon as they fall.

GRAMMY® nominated Matt Hammitt debuts latest single “Tears,” as a part of the second solo project of his career. Prior to the release, Hammitt served as the former lead singer of the GRAMMY® nominated band Sanctus Real for over two decades, touring internationally along with releasing 14 No. 1 and Top 5 radio singles and eight albums during that time.

 “With ‘Tears,’ I set out to capture the essence of both the beauty and rawness of our shared human experience, in joy and in pain,” shared Hammit. “My hope is that this song carries a sort of simple permission for us to feel, process, and embrace the healing that comes through the God-given gift of tears.”

(source: Tears are okay! They are God’s way for us to cope, to feel, and to heal.