Testify’s joyful melody beautifully illustrates God’s love that is nothing but of pure joy. It’s a nice contrast to the actual bad places the main character in the song’s story finds himself/herself in. The song, however, depicts how even in these bad places God will reach out to us, speak to us and court us into letting Him work in our lives.

I’ll reveal my mystery / As soon as you start to let go

The song could speak life into anyone who has been living life according to his/her own accord, own standards, own rules. God’s perspective in the song reminds us that He can make life so much better—the best, in fact—as soon as we let go and stop fighting the amazing destiny He has written for us.

It’s easy for us to be lured by finite worldly pleasures which never satisfy. Our longing for wholeness can be found only in Christ, the Source which never runs out; And Testify reminds us just that: “Come to the fountain and you can be satisfied”.

The song talks about the canyons of youth and deep trenches that we go to. Yet right after lines about the unpleasant places, the verse quickly shifts to God asking us to let go and allow ourselves to see Him reveal himself, to allow Him to fill us up. “Give me your heart / Give me your song/I will give myself to you/ As soon as you start to let go

NEEDTOBREATHE does a good job of balancing lyrics that speak of being lost and careless, mixing it with the message of God’s love that does not punish but instead lures us back, masterfully sewn into a joyous melody that is like the life waiting for us outside our own plans and into God’s.

Writer’s Bio:  Joy is a freelance marketing yuppie who writes songs about Jesus, and curates play lists on Spotify, outside of work hours. She keeps a blog (joycamillegomez.wordpress.com) to journal her days of being young-in-the-Lord.