Life throws us so many questions. We seek for answers for our own peace of mind, but there are things that seem like they are bound to be left unanswered.   That’s when we try to figure things out on our own and find our own solutions.   We try to know and understand things, without recognizing our limitations and imperfections. More often than not, end up more confused and hurting.

So many questions, and there is One solution. And Jeremy Camp’s single “The Answer” will help us be reminded of the one answer everyone is looking for everywhere. “Jesus, He is the answer” as the song says, truly He is the only answer. He is the solution to all that shouts complexity. He is the help in times of abundance and need. He is the One who sees the gloom in eyes and the One who washes it away. He is the healing to every sickness.

Fantastic rhythm and melody to go with it’s emotionally-stirring lyrics, keep this song in your “Encouragement” playlist.