Back in the beginning, God had ideally created all things for man to serve a good purpose. It is to be used to be subservient to man to do great things so that man can accomplish what God had intended him to do while living here on earth. But when man fell to sin, this purpose had been distorted. Depravity set in, and selfishness was produced from the heart of man. Thus, he became obsessed with possessing things that made him pursue the created things rather than his Creator.

None of us are exempted. Because of our fallen nature, we, at some point or another have made it our aim to possess something. Or sometimes, someone. We believe that it will satisfy our needs in life; that it will fill the void that’s lacking in our hearts. And when we have it, we still want to maintain it and if possible, want more. And these things are wrestling against each other to sit in the highest throne of our hearts.

But God, in His great love and mercy, seeing our condition, made a way to let it be restored back to its original plan and purpose through Jesus. He intentionally gave his life so he can redeem us from this dilemma so that our relationship with God can be restored again through Him. Once we have received him, Christ becomes our guard that prevents us to pursue things other than God himself.

So don’t be surprised if you’ve experience brokenness in some areas of your life. It might be that you have been chasing the wrong thing and God leads you to realign yourself to the only One you should be solely pursuing: Jesus Christ. He is sufficient.

Abraham was tested by God to offer Isaac to know who’s weightier between Him and his son. David experienced difficulties when he diverted himself from his love for God. Even the Apostle Paul was blinded by Christ because he pursued the wrong thing. But they repented and they let God possessed their hearts. Abraham received the promise, David was restored, and the Apostle made a great impact in the early churches that benefits even us, today. They were liberated from the wrong things that once took possession of their hearts.

Things can be spelled as achievements, business, fame, groups, ministry, occupation, reputation, titles, wealth, or a person. There’s nothing wrong with having these as long as it does not possess you. You received such things because there Someone greater who possesses you. You are accountable to check your heart’s motive. All of those things must give way to the one Person that needs to reign. Even if that means discarding and setting everything aside. Paul discovered the irony of the blessing in possessing nothing. As Christ is with us, we have everything.

“But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.”
Philippians 3:7

Written By:  Aaron Teodosio