Having concerns is normal for a human being. This is normal because we all have priorities in life: work, family, finances, friends and studies. Our priorities vary depending on our situation and the phases we go through in life. But did you know that these things—no matter how important—can make us lose focus on our faith in God? A week may pass in a blink of an eye and we realize we hadn’t spent time with God all week.  When these things happen, our main priority is compromised. That’s when our faith starts to become malnourished.

We need to understand one thing: Satan doesn’t tempt us with bad things; instead, he often uses things that we should really give focus on. He preoccupies us with it so that we lose sight of other priorities in life. A father might think that he is doing more for the sake of his family but the toll would be the relationship he has with his children.

A church minister can be so focused on the ministry, but later forget that he’s doing it for God. Satan tempts us not with the bad things, but with the things that he knows he can later destroy us with.

That’s why when he tempted Jesus he tempted Him with good things. He even quoted Bible verses to prove his point! But Jesus knew that all of Satan’s words are deceitful. Satan may be using verses from the Bible, which are truths, but hidden behind every truth is a lie (Matthew 4). Satan tempts us this way. He will tell us that we should do this and we urgently need to do that. Though these things may seem important to us, we later forget that God is in control and that He will provide everything we need. When this happens, our faith in God is damaged, which is Satan’s ultimate goal. ­He wants us to rely on ourselves and not on God because that is exactly what he did.

In the book ‘Good and Beautiful God’, the author points out that “sleeping is also an act of worship because we are trusting God that He will work out everything right regardless of our efforts to make everything right.” Jesus said in Matthew 6, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This verse doesn’t mean that we should procrastinate, but to trust God that He will provide us what we need if we trust in Him.

Life requires balance. We should learn to balance our lives and priorities so that Satan cannot use these good things to his advantage of making us lose our faith in God.

We should always put God at the center of everything, so we can clearly decide in the light of the truth that God is our Provider.

We should not be focused so much on the tasks we have at hand because God wants our hearts fully devoted in having faith in Him, and not with our efforts that make us wander away from the truth.

God is the best example of balance: after completing His creation, He rested on the seventh day. This doesn’t mean that God becomes tired like us; He is unlimited, everlasting, and very far from our human limitations. He is God. But I believe He rested to make us realize that no matter who we are, no matter how strong we think we are, we need to rest and rely on God’s power alone. For all that we’re doing is for Him alone.

God is here. If you think not, I ask you to think about how your body converts oxygen to carbon dioxide that makes you breathe; or think about how fast neurons transfer an idea from the brain to our senses that we can react to rapidly. The complexity of how our body was created can never just be a theory made up by man. You are God’s creation and He is the one who gives you breath. He provides, so don’t be so focused on the tasks at hand. Remember that we have a loving Creator that wants us to boldly trust in Him, for He is in control.


Writer’s Bio:  
Patrick Purugganan is an aspiring youth pastor and is very passionate for purity.