Kari Jobe has recently released a brand new album, “The Garden,” with a carrier single of the same title.

Jesusfreakhideout.com ‘s Nicole Marie Vacca described the song perfectly:

The song begins delicately with quiet piano notes and Jobe softly sharing memories of despair: “I had all but given up / Desperate for a sign from love….” As the chorus begins, the tone of the song shifts with a cinematic swell: “Then I saw the garden / Hope had come to me / To sweep away the ashes / And wake me from my sleep.” It’s an atmospheric track, which builds up beautifully to a crescendo towards the end, and the intricate nature imagery and use of “I” statements in the lyrics hint to the listener that The Garden an intimate outing.

Kari Jobe’s The Garden is a moving, almost mesmerizing ode to God, making it perfect for times of personal worship and waiting on the Lord. The music and lyrics here encourage the listener to slow down and focus on God, something very necessary in the chaotic times we live in. The use of traditional instruments alongside electronic beats and synths gives the album an ethereal (albeit occasionally overproduced) sound.

Listen as Kari Jobe shares the story behind this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbYqJqnacz8