Originally released in 2016 in their album “Glory & Wonder”, Mosaic MSC re-released the song Tremble in their 2017 EP called “Unknown”. In their new acoustic recording, Mosaic MSC talks about what the song means to them.

I love this verse because I feel like it portrays the greatness and the splendor of Jesus and how great His light can reach and span and this song “Tremble” is one of those songs that shows the light of God. It continues to be so relevant and powerful to us because everybody experiences darkness in some form or another. Everybody knows what it is to go through a season in which you’re not sure where to go or you can’t see the way. And then Jesus shows up and that darkness just dissipates.

Tremble is a powerful anthem that declares Jesus’ authority over all created things. In the midst of life’s struggles and uncertainties, we can call on one name that dispels the darkness.

Musically, the song offers a different sound to what most contemporary Christian music listeners hear on the airwaves. The original version of Tremble is very synth-based, opening with simple keys and low-key vocals that gradually build into a powerful chorus and bridge. The acoustic version brings in a  more contemplative mood that beautifully meshes with the message of the song. The lyrics are simple, clear, and packed with meaning yet accessible to the everyday listener – Christian or otherwise.

Mosaic MSC is the worship band of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, California. The multi-site Baptist megachurch is home to many young professionals in the film and entertainment industry. You watch the video on the story behind the song here.