“Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and long suffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?”
Romans 2:4

All of us have taken it for granted. Not even once. Not even twice. We do it a lot of times. Whether it may be the result of our own stubbornness or ignorance, we have wilfully followed the cravings of our sinful nature and indulgently gratified the desires of our flesh. We intentionally suppressed the true yearnings and the leadings of our spirit, and exchanged that sinful pleasure from our holy nature. We were totally seduced from that distorted idea that God’s grace gives us the liberty to do everything even sin. That even though God always demonstrates His kindness in our lives every single day, we tend to accede to the pull of our carnal nature whenever extreme situations and temptations arise. All of these things boils down to this one major reason: We have fully taken for granted the goodness of God.

We sometimes do it without knowing. By the thoughts that we think, by the actions that we make, by the decisions that we take. We become subtly influenced by what we see and hear. We become so familiar about the good things that He has done but we do not make it alive in our hearts. Also, the prince of this world is always on the offensive to deceive every mind in any way possible to inject a perception that God’s goodness does not exist. Admit it or not, we sometimes yield to world’s control when we are left in a state of indecisiveness. And we compromise.

Is there still a great solution that remains to our seemingly hopeless condition?

The answer is yes. Through sincere repentance to God. And that kind of repentance starts from the heart, not from the mouth. It is something that is not being ultimately driven by guilt or condemnation. Our response of repentance from every wrong thing that we’ve done before directs us not to do it again. It leads to a decision that results in a change of mind which in turn leads to a change of purpose and action that produces a turning point in life. But it does not stop there. There is a corresponding action to that.

The secret to making our repentance to be alive and active in us lies in acknowledging and recognizing the goodness of God in our lives. This also keeps us motivated to let that decision to change be maintained in our hearts.

As we appreciate the cost of what He has paid for us so we can be redeemed from the debt of sin, we can’t help but to respond in little or great ways that could show our gratitude (even though He’s not asking for it). When we value the worth of how God is incessantly giving his mercy and grace for us to live every day, we cannot afford to make it wasted by sinning and disregarding Him and His Word again and again.

As we magnify His goodness in our lives, we reduce our tendency to compromise. Our repentance is fully affirmed when we let God’s goodness pervade our minds and let it invade our hearts. It will save us from a lot of mistakes, anxieties and headaches. What a great God He is, that in His benevolence, He’s so patiently waiting for us to grasp that He is good all the time and all the time, He is good. And that is so unquestionable. And what a great tragedy it is for us when we fail to see it.

Writer’s Bio: Aaron Paul Teodosio is a church volunteer and a student of the Word at New Life Christian Center. Read more of his thoughts at katwiranmo.blogspot.com