We all have struggles with it. We feel that God is not moving. We feel as if God is too busy with the whole world that He can’t notice us. Then we struggle and rely on ourselves to make a situation for to our advantage.

We praise God when He answers our prayers with the affirmative; when He shows us that He is there no matter the situation. But what is our attitude when God doesn’t answer our prayers? Or when He doesn’t give us what we want? Are we still going to cling to Him and have faith in Him?

Doubt is the absence of faith. The absence of trust. Situations like this occur when God tells us to deal with the what if’s of following Him. This is the time when God tests our faith in Him. If we will still entrust Him our lives and agree that He knows what’s the best for us ore than anyone else.

If you (or someone you know) are struggling with doubt right now, you are not the first. All who followed Jesus had their share of doubts. Most of whom He called to do His purpose had their share of anxiety and fear.

Moses felt unfit and was doubtful about what God commanded Him to do. But when He obeyed, God used him mightily to rescue the Israelites out of slavery. Jonah was fearful when God asked him to go Nineveh to warn its people. He refused to go and asked to be sent elsewhere, but God didn’t heed grant his request because God knew his heart. Some of David’s psalms reflect fear but at the end of every chapter, he declared who the Lord is. Job surely prayed unceasingly during his time of pain and suffering, and it seemed as if God did not hear him. But we know the story and how it ends. Job praised God nonetheless.

These men of the bible surely prayed, but God’s answers were different. Yes, they were answered but according to God’s will and not to the person’s will.   Otherwise, we’d have a totally different bible today.

When we fear something more than God, when we doubt God’s sovereignty and authority over everything, we, in effect doubt His goodness and His love for us.

Today, one of the enemy’s strategies is to make us doubt God.   He makes us believe that God doesn’t hear us. This world already believes this lie whether we care to admit it or not. Satan tells us that God is too busy looking over the whole universe that He can’t be involved in our lives.

God hears you. He may not give us what we ask for but He difference between viagra and levitra has His reasons. He knows what is best for us and He knows what will do us good. God is not limited to what our minds can comprehend. He does not tire nor slumber. He is limitless and infinite.


In the book Crazy Love, author Francis Chan wrote, “If we are to grasp and try to understand God fully, we cannot.   Its like trying to put the whole ocean in a can of soft drink. Its impossible.” God is big. He is more than what we imagine Him to be. He’s not limited like us. So, even though God is busy taking care of His creation, He hears us. He understands and He has His own good reason as to why He may or may not give us what we want.


Faith in God is believing that no matter what may happen, He will not leave us. That no matter how dark or difficult a situation is, He will be our guide. That He is a loving Father and He is worthy of our “Thy will be done” prayers.

—  Writer’s Bio: Patrick Purugganan is from Real Life Christian Communities. He’s an aspiring youth pastor and is very passionate for purity.