Singer-songwriter and worship leader Austin Adamec and his wife (former 1 Girl Nation member) Lindsey Adamec have come together to record their self-titled album, featuring the first single, “Walk On Waves.” Definitely, the first of many heart wrenching, but more importantly, inspiring songs in their album.

Its a song birthed from the couple’s deep desperation to fight for their marriage as conflicting schedules threatened to win the battle. Austin describes the difficult season: “With endless nights away from each other on the road and a growing whisper in our hearts to root ourselves back in the local church, we were desperate for signs in Scripture that pointed to such a crazy blind faith to step out into the unknown. That’s when the familiar passage of Peter walking on water came to us. In the midst of a massive storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus tells Peter to ‘come’ and walk out on the storm-battered waters.”

As he studied the familiar passage of Peter walking on the waves, Austin was amazed to discover that when Jesus told Peter to “come,” the wind and the waves did not die down until they were back in the boat. Lindsey and Austin understood that the Spirit of God was calling them to walk above the stormy circumstances and waves of doubt that held them captive, and in the calling, “Walk on Waves” emerged. (

Surrounded by a sea of doubt
Honestly my heart is terrified
But I know You’ll never let me down
Jesus, You are always by my side