Graceful Closure is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, OH. The band consists of two brothers, vocalist/guitarist Jared Condon and keyboards/BGV, Chase Condon. Jared explains that this story of grace, undeserved kindness, has become a foreign concept in the events of our world and lives. Often these events do not make sense, but that is when we choose this undeserved kindness and allow it to close the event so we can move beyond.

“WAVES” reminds me of the story in Matthew 14 where Jesus is walking on water. It was the middle of the night and the disciples were far away when a storm came upon them. They had no idea what to do but they looked out onto the water and saw Jesus walking towards them. Peter stepped out and began walking towards Jesus. The wind and the waves began to cause him to fear and he took his eyes off Jesus and immediately began to sink. Jesus reached out and grabbed Peter in that moment and pulled him in. It’s a beautiful reminder of the beautiful love and grace that God extends towards us as He pulls us in. He’s there to hold us and to protect us and be with us in the midst of the storms of life. This is the heartbeat of our song…to remind people that we do not need to fear the chaos of life when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. He is with us. He will help us. –  Jared Condon | Graceful Closure

Graceful Closure brings a mix of piano, synthesizer, drums (sometimes mixed with electronic drums), guitars, and vocals. Jared said the reason they write music is so people know they aren’t alone and to make them think about their purpose throughout this adventure called life. The alt pop duo is rapidly building a following as a result of their energetic show, relentless interaction on social media, and connecting with fans on a grassroots level. This has allowed them to share the stage with bands like: Family Force 5, Twenty One Pilots, Tenth Ave North, Tauren Wells and many more. The band is currently working on new music that has started conversations with some of the biggest labels and mangers in the industry.

The band is dedicated to presenting hope to those struggling with depression, addiction, self- injury, and suicide.

“Graceful Closure has a new sound for a new generation pursuing the heart of God. I love that this mission is at the core of everything they do.” Tauren Wells (Sony Music, Provident Label Group)