Nowadays, people tend to easily get caught up and trapped in the dark with the thoughts of nobody will be able to save them from all the bad things that already transformed to deep chains rooted in them.  It becomes easy to live in fear and lose faith but the lines “I hear You calling me beyond my sin. You tell me that grace has taken care of it. O Jesus, You’re my victory”is a reminder that God’s love is immense and He oversees our own stains and wrongdoings because he is our Savior with a whole heart. It’s not really about finding yourself in this world; it’s about finding yourself in God

Released in February 2018, Kristian Stanfill as one of the core members of Passion Worship sang another worship classic-to-be with “Whole Heart”. The track is their powerful release to date that gave a vocabulary of surrender to God for people. A song that one needs for  personal and passionate worship.  Kristian described the heart of the album as “a collection of songs that calls for the listener to lift their eyes above the heartbreak and hurt of life, to a King who is reigning and speaking unparalleled love over us”.  With Passion’s latest live album, they never failed to delivers us the authentic experience from their each live recording together with approximately 30,000 people.

How does it feel to sing along with a crowd who are echoing back every note and lines of the song with so much passion? In this song, you will never feel alone as you praise and worship Jesus wholeheartedly.