Worship Songs In The Philippines

If you’re feeling down, hopeless, or left in the dark with no idea what to do next, an inspiration might be the thing you just need, and what better place to find that but at SAVED Radio. If you want to listen to all-time popular and new worship songs in the Philippines, you can download our app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Here are some of the songs playing on our radio station.

Worship Songs In The Philippines

Not all radio stations play encouraging Christian songs that hit right on the spot when you’re sad, stir up your spirit, and help you in your journey of faith. If you want to sing along famous worship songs or you just want to discover new ones to add to your playlists, here are some titles you can hear at SAVED Radio.

Christ Be Magnified – I Am They

Christ Be Magnified is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that can give you peace and strength so you can feel the presence of Christ in your life.

The meaning of ‘magnify’ is to praise and glorify Christ from wherever you are, and whatever your stage in life. From north, south, east, and west, His importance and role in your life are being heard. That’s why even if you’re feeling down right now, just like in the lyrics “I won’t be formed by feelings, I hold fast to what is true…” – you can trust in God that His promises will unfold through the ups and downs of life.

Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship

In construction, the cornerstone is placed first to hold the weight of the entire structure. This makes the building strong, stable, and able to withstand storms or impact from the inside and outside.

As one of the uplifting worship songs in the Philippines, this is your reminder that you can put your faith, hope, and trust in Jesus. Even though we go through the storm in our lives, with His unchanging grace and love, He is our anchor and our cornerstone.

Desert Song – Hillsong Worship

The Desert Song by Hillsong Worship is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that gives you a reason to sing praises even during times when you feel like you’re in the desert.

As a traveler in the desert of life, you will often feel parched, hungry, and tired. But through this difficult part in your journey, trust that God will bring you through the trial and refine you. Because when you feel that you’re emptied, you will be filled again.

Eternal – Hulvey

Eternal - Hulvey

Eternal is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that will get stuck in your mind. With Hulvey’s rhyme play, fun beats, and expert rapping skills, you will appreciate the message of his songs and enjoy the music.

But apart from Hulvey’s unforgettable sound, Eternal will remind you that compared to the material things in your life, God’s love is forever.

Indescribable – Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin has written plenty of popular worship songs. In the Philippines, the songs “How Great is Our God, “Home,” and “Good Good Father” are among the worship anthems across the churches.

The song “indescribable” tells about God’s gift in our lives that are just too great to be described with words. During the night – All of them are truly breathtaking. Can we all just take a moment to meditate on how great His creations are?

I Am Free – Newsboys

Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, He freed us from sin and made us a path towards salvation with God. This way, all we have to do is have faith, live a life like Jesus taught us, and know that there is a better tomorrow for us.

Newsboys’ upbeat song I Am Free will remind you of your free will! This is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that you can sing with friends to praise Jesus and feel His love in your life.

Jesus Only Jesus – Phillips Craig & Dean

If you’re looking for worship songs in the Philippines where you can rejoice and praise Jesus with all your heart, you can sing along to Jesus Only Jesus by Philis Craig and Dean. Their serene voices, uplifting music, and beautiful lyrics will fill your heart with joy and love for Jesus.

Jesus Only Jesus tells us that with His ability to let the blind see, raise the dead, and save us from our sin, Jesus is our hope in our lives.

Look What You’ve Done – Tasha Layton

Look What You’ve Done is a song that will remind you of pop music today. Because of this, it is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that will be appreciated by millennials. But apart from that, it has a striking message that will lift up your spirit.

Tasha Layton sings of the transformation that you can experience when you meet Christ in your life. From the lies and the shame you feel, He will heal all your wounds and make you new.

Sufficient For Me – Jonathan Ogden

Life will not be perfect every day. There will be times that you will feel suffering. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t come a day when you will be happy. Jonathan Ogden masterfully wrote a song that details this experience.

Sufficient For Me is one of the worship songs in the Philippines that you will relate to when you’re feeling weak. In suffering, God’s grace and power are sufficient. In hard times, all you need to do is kneel and believe that He will wipe your tears and provide a better future.

We All Need Jesus – Danny Gokey Ft. Koryn Hawthorne

With the popularity of social media, it is easy to point fingers at every mistake. But this isn’t what is supposed to happen. Because we are all humans who make mistakes, have weakness, and are broken in many different ways, all needing the grace of Jesus.

If you’re looking for worship songs in the Philippines that you can chill and vibe to, you will appreciate the beautiful voices of Danny Gokey and Koryn Hawthorne in We All Need Jesus. In addition to their harmonization, the thoughtfully written lyrics make the song much more special.

Worthy Worthy – Vertical Worship

Even with excellently written lyrics and a superb combination of notes, all worship songs in the Philippines won’t come close to the infinity, mystery, and almighty of God. All we have is a glimpse of Him and the overwhelming feeling of praise that compels us to sing songs of worship.

Vertical Worship captures this feeling into their song and lyrics. With tears, a heart full of praises, and a bended knee, we are being pushed to shout to the world that ‘worthy is Your Name’.

Yes He Can – Cain

There are times when you’re probably doubting God’s grace in your life. Because you’re human, this feeling is normal. But when that happens, you can listen to Cain’s “Yes He Can”. The upbeat music and uplifting message will encourage you to keep believing in Him.

God has moved mountains, parted every sea, defeated the darkness, and more. If you’ve seen Him move in the past, you can trust that He can help you through the troubles of today. You are always in God’s thoughts no matter how far you’ve fallen from His hands, and He can rescue you and draw you closer to Him as you accept His love.

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